Destiny Brown here.

Listen – I value your time, so let me get right to it. A friend of mine introduced me to this company with a unique concept.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you can make money without SELLING, CONVINCING OR RECRUITING.

The concept piqued my interest.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in, or curious to know more about working from home.

You may have been pursuing your dreams based on old traditional methods and getting advice from people that don’t have the results you want. We’ve been there.

So, let’s handle that first…

  • You feel stuck with the lack of knowledge and information to start making the Big Bucks from home.

  • You’ve tried so many other opportunities in the past and you’re sick of the frustration of trying to get positive results.

  • You feel you haven’t had the right product or service to introduce to the market that could accelerate your success.

  • You want the opportunity to earn Six-Figures a year from home, but you’re lost on what to do.

  • You’re Sick & Tired of your job and you need to change to get out of the financial rut you’re in.

  • Our team provides weekly expert training and support to assist you with getting results FAST!

  • Unlike most opportunities these days, the product we offer does not require you to sell. We offer it FREE and recruiting is optional.

  • We have Top Notch systems, marketing, tools and resources to help you reach your income goals.

  • This opportunity is truly at the ground floor level because we are doing something unique that has never been done before. Right Now, Timing is Everything!!!

(Results will vary depending on your personal efforts)


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The Haynes are dropping some serious knowledge about entreprenuership and travel to start your week off right!

Posted by ibüümerang on Monday, April 8, 2019

Have you ever played with a boomerang? So you know when you throw a boomerang, it always comes back. With this büümerang, when you give a one, you get rewarded in cash!

A büümerang is an access code you give to customers. With this code, customers are able to create an account for their own travel portal similar to Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak or Expedia. Customers can book hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises and much more. They can log in to their account anytime to book travel as many times as they want.

If you have a group or an organization, this is perfect for them. You will receive 25% of the commission earned through the booking. Refer the booking to Xstream Travel and they will handle all of the reservations, updates, changes and customer support for the group throughout the entire process.

The best part, any time they save money, you get paid. When one of your customers books travel, their travel savings are split 2 ways. 50% of the savings is applied as a discount to the customer. The other 50% of the savings comes back to you in in cash. See the image below.

As you gift more büümerangs, you’ll acquire more customers. As those customers travel, you’ll earn a travel savings bonus each time they book, pay for and complete travel. Imagine having 10, 100 or 1,000 customers. How much could you earn?

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When others join you as a TSA (Travel Savings Ambassador) in iBüümerang, you can earn a bonus when your TSAs acquire new customers. You can earn a 10% override commission when your TSAs’ customers save money on travel. Check out how much you can earn with a team of 50, 250 or even 1000.

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iDecide is an interactive presentation that explains the iBüümerang service and opportunity.

Your customers and prospects are guided through a tour which educates them on the travel industry, shows them how they can save money when they travel and earn a full-time income promoting iBüümerang.


In addition to the customer travel savings commissions, you can earn Direct Sales Bonus commissions when you recruit TSAs (Travel Savings Ambassadors). You can also earn dual team commissions, unilevel bonuses and leadership development bonuses. Direct Sales Bonus and Dual Team Bonus commissions are paid weekly. Unilevel and Leadership Development Bonuses are paid monthly.

Click here to download the complete compensation plan.


In addition to the packages below, there is a $49.95 Standby Fee (Enrollment Fee). The below packages are optional, however, you will not be able to earn any commissions until you are active. To be active, you must have 200BV. The easiest and fastest way to get 200BV, is to upgrade to one of the packages below.


You’ll get immediate access to all the systems and gifts listed below if you join today. Plus trainings and webinars we’ll be creating during the time you’re a TSA (Travel Savings Ambassador)!

The My Wanderlust Lifestyle Marketing System is designed to make your life easier. It explains the iBüümerang service and opportunity in extreme detail.

The system tells the story of how valuable iBüümerang can be for everyone whether they are a Desktop or Mobile Device. And just like many other systems it has a lead capture page so you can build your list.

Imagine being connected to a community of people who get you and are there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Our group is a great place for you to ask questions, share your successes and meet other ambitious members online like yourself.

Just like you’re more likely to exercise with a gym partner, your odds of becoming a success are increased when you have help from other people with the same objective.

Our team provides top notch marketing training every week. These trainings are available in our private Facebook group and as well as in the back office of the My Wanderlust Lifestyle system.

You’ll go from “I wonder if this is going to work?” to “OMG! This really works!” allowing you to come out on the other side of getting paid every week.

This advancement plan helps you to reach the first awards in iBüümerang as well as help you maximize in the compensation plan.

These Jet Setter and Jet Streamers will be recognized on stage at the next event.

You will also rank up and enjoy more commissions in the iBüümerang compensation plan.

Now everything revolves around social media. Gone are the days of going to the grocery store looking for people to join your business.

Learn how to brand yourself and get the social media training you need for Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get leads and sales for iBüuumerang.

Get access to marketing tools, traffic resources and more to expose more people to iBüümerang. These resources, if used correctly, can help you close more sales and assist you with automating your business.